1970 Marshall 4X12 Checkerboard straight

I've owned so many Marshall 4X12's, it's crazy. Mostly original 60's basketweaves and 70's checkerboards. Some came with 'G12M Pre-Rola's' others with 'G12M Blackbacks'. All 25 watters though, because I like those the best. In January 2023 I spotted a 1970 Marshall full stack for sale. A Superlead with two matching 4X12's all from the exact same year. The owner bought the full stack somewhere mid-seventies and now had it for sale. I didn't hesitate one bit and bought the whole damn stack right away. While the full stck sounded amazing I just could't afford to keep it so overtime I kept this 4x12 straight cab, since it sounded glorious. This might be the best 4x12 I've ever owned. It features a matched quartet 1970 GM12 Greenbacks. One speaker is still labeled as 'Pre-Rola' but I think they were made a month after the Rola period started. Anyways; it's an awesome sounding cab. Combined with my '68 12xxx Superbass it's pure sonic bliss.