1975 Marshall 100 watt Superlead

Thru the years I've pretty much owned and played them all; 50 and 100 watt original, re-issue and boutique Plexi's, seventies JMP's, PA's (wonderfull!), Silver Jubilee's, JTM45's, Anniversaries, Valvestates, JCM 800 and 900's, combo and heads. But when it comes to that 'sizzle', 'glassiness' and headroom, in the end, I always favoured the 100 watt. When I was offered this original '75 JMP MKII Superlead by my buddy Dick Sikkema from Powercity Amps, well... I just couldn't resist. It's right up there with my favourite '68 100 watt Plexi. To me, that says quite a lot, but what do I know? 😃