1968 Marshall JMP 100 Watt 'Plexi' Superbass - II

This is a 1968, 100 watt, 'Plexi' Superbass. It's in great condition and full working order. I've actually known this amp for quite some time since it belonged to a very good friend of mine. Since owning a '68 12000-series SB myself for eight years I know how they sound. In fact it's the sound I like most. Those upper-mids, the raw power, the 3d-like sound... The real thing, simple as that.

Since my birthday was coming up my friend told me to come on over 'cause he had me a present. He had also built this great sounding overdrive and wanted me to hear it. After a couple of hours of fun strumming our guitars he looked at me and said; 'Well, I told you I had this present, right!? Well... You've been playing it for the last couple of hours'. I didn't understand until he pointed at the amp. 'It's yours'. Well... Can you believe that? I was stunned really... I asked him wheter he was kidding or not. He wasn't. He told me it felt good to let me have the amp. 'It's better to give than to recieve'. It brought a tear to my eye. It really did. I still can't believe it actually.

Thanks a lot 'Buur', this is very special to me!